How do we come to have "faith" in ourselves? Experiences and examples.

How do we come to have "faith" in ourselves? Experiences and examples.

If you're a fan of the Innerbloom Podcast you know Ambrosia is in the process of what I call "stepping into a new timeline".  This is when you choose to step away from something because you feel you have hit your threshold and your motivation to do “the thing” is now more important to you than the fear “feels scary”.  You consciously elect to step into a new timeline. You KNOW the choice, which is yours solely, will result in you becoming a different person and or living in a different situation.  You know your "every day" will be different.  There is no doubt about it. There are usually no guarantees either.  And you are full of fear, but you do it anyway. This is a magical point of power and alchemy. You mindfully move into a new timeline. You may not know what you're doing at the time. Some people might call this a “dark night of the soul”, because it can feel murky, anxious and leave you full of worry and doubt for a while. 

Just in case you haven't checked out the show Amby co-hosts with Alexa Houser, (and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in spirituality and personal development), here is the quick scoop...  Amby is embracing her talents and is transitioning from working a "regular day job" to becoming a full-time entrepreneur.  In addition to co-hosting the Innerbloom Podcast with Alexa, she is doing psychic readings, mediumship, channeling, intuitive coaching with others and blazing her unique path in the world.  She is choosing a road less traveled, relying on herself and giving up what is known and comfortable but unfulfilling, to reach for her dreams.  I've been there myself and there are few words to accurately describe how freaking scary this is to do.  It was no shock to me when I asked Amby what she wanted to talk about for our first blog that she said, "fear, this is what is coming up for me a lot lately".  Well of course it is! 😊


So then I asked Amby about her biggest fears, and I expected her to say something about seeing aliens or talking to dead people.  I was surprised by her answer, but it gave me a lot to think about following our phone call.  Some awesome downloads came in.  I thought well what is the opposite of fear? The other side to the fear coin? Love? Hm, not quite. Joy? No. Faith? Yes FAITH. That is the polar opposite feeling of fear. Faith.  Trust that the result will bring joy, love, peace…all the yummy feels.


How do we come to have "faith" in ourselves? Experiences and examples.  We can learn by our own experiences or we can learn by witnessing what others are exemplifying.  Like anything, the more you practice the better your skills will be.  The following story Amby shared with me I think ultimately helped her establish incredible self-reliance and faith.   


Amby chose to leave a bad relationship of 5 years, because the abuse and toxicity had pushed her to the breaking point. She felt scared, rejected and as if she would be alone forever but she had to do it.  She had a young son to think about now.  Her desire for a better life was bigger than the fear, and so she stepped into a new timeline. One that was unknown to her and in her mind might even be potentially worse.  But she did it anyway. She had faith somewhere deep down.  Amby says and I agree, we must make room in our lives for the good things we want to come to us.  The power to overcome anything is inside of you at all times. She made changes in her life that opened her up to receive the things she wanted.  She would go on to meet a magnificent man, have a beautiful family and is admittedly living her best life these days! It was not easy, but it gave her a whole new life, no big deal, right?   


Recently Amby has been pushing past her comfort zone with her gifts and dealing with intense new encounters as a result (in addition to everything else).  She finds herself facing new fears, but her experiences have given her a toolkit to manage them in a healthy way.  She is being very intentional with her thoughts, her beliefs and her energy.  She credits grounding and prayers for protection in helping her gain more clarity and confidence.  She wants us to remember that we hold our own power, this magic is not something outside of you, it is from within.  We can find support and encouragement in each other but ultimately you can learn to tap into your own radical autonomy.


Tammi Lipp

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