Amby's Tips for Connecting with Your Guides and a Special Meditation

“We encourage you to try these steps and practice this if you feel called to connect with your guides or intuition more deeply.”

“We encourage you to try these steps and practice this if you feel called to connect with your guides or intuition more deeply.”

Ambrosia did a Facebook live a couple of weeks ago giving her tips about connecting with our guides.  In it she gives very direct and practical tips on how all of us can start to access our team of guides, angels, spirit team, whatever name you give it.  Most of the spiritual community has a collective belief in “guides or angels” and the sort.  But if you are like me, the act of consciously contacting or connecting with my guides can feel out of reach, difficult and “not for me” on some level and results will be inconsistent and resisted with our lack of confidence.  So, when Amby offered her advice on this, I was eager to hear her insight.  Connecting more actively with my guides and intuition on a regular basis is one of my personal goals.  I’ve been doing inner work now and studying this for a long time, and I am getting better at it and beginning to “see” results.  I’m ready now to integrate the mystical gifts we are all born with, it is a milestone on my path, and I am proud to have gotten this far.  I am feeling like there are many out there at or near this stage of the “game”.  Many people in the Innerbloom Podcast Community that Ambrosia co-hosts with Alexa Houser are starting to open up and do amazing things, so I decided to ask Amby if we could dive into this a little for her next blog entry and she seemed as eager to teach me as I was to absorb the information.  We talked for a while about the steps Amby gives in the live, and I asked her some questions about my own perceived blocks in getting the connection established.   What resulted for me by the end of the call was a breakthrough moment.  As these usually are unplanned, it caught me by surprise, I was expecting to get content for the blog not a heal my inner child.  Occupational hazard I suppose? 😊

We encourage you to try these steps and practice this if you feel called to connect with your guides or intuition more deeply.  If you are struggling or want to get personal clarity you can book a session with Amby and if you are open to it, my bet is you will achieve amazing results.  Something magical happens when a teacher who is ready and wants to teach comes together with an eager to learn student.  The energy will flow, and things must shift!

 Ambrosia’s Tips for Connecting with your Guides / Spirit / Higher Self

 “Everyone is different, what is possible for you will depend on your comfort level”.  - Amby

She guides us to remember this is a process of building a relationship.  It may take time.  Fear will prevent them from coming through, it is counterproductive.  Throw away any preconceived notions of what our logical brain thinks things “should” look like.  Amby advises that having faith and trust are critical.  She goes on to mention sometimes religious beliefs can influence how you feel or think about things.  Either consciously or subconsciously that is something you might want to dig into and see if there are any hang ups causing fear or doubt. Maybe fear is an energetic barrier, a subconscious protection device?

Get into the feeling of being safe, protected and in control

Amby tells me she focuses on feeling safe and protected before she establishes a connection with her guides or for a reading.  She does this by envisioning a protective bubble encompassing her.  In her mind’s eye the bubble is transparent, and she can control what gets in the bubble.  It acts like a shield for her.  You may use any visual that feels right for you, and it can be any color, maybe rainbow light or gold or silver, pink, purple, green, the only thing that matters is how you feel when you are using  your mind to create the imagery.  This practice of reducing fear around “guides” is important and will vary for everyone so take time to be honest about your fears and create a vision of protection that feels good for you. 

Amby created this special 10 minute guided meditation that will help people to get into this frame of mind and assist in the process. She also wants us to feel empowered to do this on our own.  We all have the ability to “tap in”, if we want to.  It is our birth rite as divine beings. 

 Ask for signs and establish your personal symbols for communication

You can ask your guides for signs; Ambrosia would feel a gentle “grab” sensation on her arm when her guides were communicating with her.  I asked her how did she discern that was her guides and not her imagination? She discovered she could ask them to stop so she could feel the difference and that validated it for her.  She had the sense of an actual hand and fingers, not just pressure or movement.  Over time her signals would evolve, she said it went from feeling like someone lightly touching her arm to feeling like someone was playing with her hair. 

If you think your guides are trying to get your attention, she says pay close attention to your surroundings at that time.  Look around and consider what is happening or who you are with or where you are that could be triggering a message or information coming in.  If you are getting a feeling over and over again it could be your guides coming through to you.  You may hear or smell things, and you can always ask for clarification too. 

If you are asking for specific signs, remember that names and times are human constructs and mostly irrelevant on the “other side” so try not to get too caught up on these things, especially when you are learning to tap in.  Amby does not recommend asking for a specific sign on a specific day and time but rather something more general.  She suggests something like “Please show me a dragonfly”, as opposed to “Can I see a dragonfly at 4 PM on Saturday”?  Be specific, but also be open, feel for the sweet spot. 

Establish special symbols that your guides can use to get your attention.  Designate something personal that makes you feel good when you come across it, maybe it’s a hummingbird or a cactus flower or your parent’s wedding song.     

 Practice being safe and still, meditate daily

Amby suggests we practice meditation and being still.  Try not to think of meditation as “goal oriented” she says.  I want to be able to get into that “zoned out” state more deliberately.  If I practice allowing the info without judgement maybe I can get more than one word at a time.  Intuition will defy logic sometimes and that’s where logical people like me get stuck.  If you don’t currently meditate, try one of the numerous apps out there to help you.  Even 5 minutes a day will be beneficial. 

Set intentions, write down your thoughts

Amby says we will have the best results if we start off with an intention in mind.  It can be as simple as “What is the most beneficial thing for me to know today?”.  Then give yourself ten minutes to sit in meditation or silence.  She cautions against aiming for a long period to start out with because you can set yourself up for failure.  Next, Amby says write down whatever comes to you.  If you start to run through your to do list or your budget write that down.  No matter what comes up write it down.  You might even start to think of fears, just write them down.  The next day, use whatever came up in the previous day in your new intention.  Ask for clarification or come up with a question you have regarding that subject.  Don’t second guess anything that shows up.  Write it all down and keep repeating this process.  Pay attention to any patterns or themes.  Use a cute notebook or spiral to keep your pages so you can refer to them later.  You may get validation an hour, a day or a week or more after the session so the journal will help give your logical mind proof of your “hits”.  This will help strengthen your skills. 

Is it them? Is it me?

I asked Amby, “how do you really know when you are tapping in”? She describes it as an inexplicable confidence and knowing.  She compared it to having a dream about something you think you know nothing about but upon waking you confirm that your dream was accurate.  Sometimes I will “hear” an answer to a question, it just pops in my head without warning.  I don’t know where it came from, but it feels like the right answer.  Usually my mind will step in and remind me that I do not “know” the answer and then I doubt myself and the process ends.  When I find out the answer was in fact correct, my logical brain will tell me that was just a lucky guess.  That’s not luck, it’s intuition.  What I have recognized though is that these answers pop in mostly when I am “zoned out” or not focusing on something with my consciousness.  A fun example, one evening Jeopardy was on the TV as I was playing on my phone and scrolling social media.  I was not focused on the TV, but I could hear it.  A medical question was asked about the brain and I heard the word “encephalopathy” in my mind quietly almost before Alex Trebek was done reading the clue.  I am not a doctor and I have no medical training, and consciously I would have said I have no idea what the answer is, but somehow, I “guessed” correctly. 

Remember the pictures that looked like nothing except color and lines, but if we could “blur” our eyes we could see the hidden image “pop” off the page? It’s almost like that, to be connected with one part of your mind yet disconnected with another part of it at the same time, a balance. 

Amby recommends we examine the tone of the “voice” we’re hearing to decide if it’s your intuition or your own imagination.  Does the voice sound compassionate and supportive or condemning and putting you down? Spirit will not chastise or put you down.  Once we start to self-validate the information we get, like any muscle we use again and again it will get stronger and clearer.  

In my Jeopardy example the voice / word had no gender or accent associated with it as I heard it and it didn’t really sound like my own internal voice, it was slightly different.  It was not loud; it was very soft actually.  It could have been easily missed or dismissed except I am paying more attention now and I noticed it felt different. 

Intuition will always give you a “warm, fuzzy love feeling” according to Amby so pay attention to how it feels when you receive the message.  Guides are never “disappointed” in you or judging you.  It does not matter to them how “fast” you are getting messages. 

 Be open for the answers to come

The answers you get may not be what you want or expect.  Try to keep an open mind and consider that there may be possibilities you do not know about yet or that there is a bigger picture unfolding.

Be honest with yourself when asking for guidance, are you prepared to listen to that guidance even if it’s not what you “want” to hear? Amby recounted a story from her younger days when she would “like” a boy and want to know if they should be together.  She asked her guides to send her a sign if they were meant to be, by having her hear a certain song on the radio.  She says the song never played but she had no intention of not pursuing the boy and she did what she wanted anyway, even though she did not get her green light sign. 


Blog turned breakthrough for me!

I was unprepared for what epiphany was on its way for me and honestly, I probably would have been afraid to share it except Amby encouraged me to include it.  Here is what came up for me during our Q and A as I was trying to understand the information so I could relay it thoughtfully in the blog. 

Amby and I had been talking for a while when she cautioned, “you will run into people who will tell you, you’re crazy or will go crazy if you try to do this.  Once you drop the fear of hearing that you will open up to more”.

I mentioned earlier how I have a strong sense of logic and have struggled with connecting to my own intuition.  I do have an underlying fear of being “crazy” or people thinking I am.  Amby asked where I thought that came from and at that moment, I had intense clarity around it.  I guess you could say my guides were showing me what I wanted to know. 

When I was very young, around the age of 2 years old, I had an imaginary friend.  At this stage I was still the only child in my house.  This imaginary friend was very vivid to me.  I could clearly see him, in my mind’s eye.  In fact, if I close my eyes right now and think of him, I can still “see” what he looked like. I can see his shirt and pants, his hair and generic boy features.  He was friendly and kind, though I do not recall him saying much just being there with me to keep me company.  I even gave him a unique name that to the best of my knowledge I just made up.  His name was Adrack – this was the early eighties and to this day I have no idea where that name came from.  He went everywhere I did.  I insisted my mother set a place at dinner for him and buckle him in the seat belt in the car with me.  I would tell my father he could not sit in his chair after work because my friend was already sitting there.  My parents played along for a while but eventually it got annoying to them.  I really do not know how long it went on for, all I know is that my mother became concerned that something was wrong with me and took me to see my pediatrician to discuss Adrack.  I remember being scared and thinking I was in trouble.  I would hear the adults talk about me and how worried they were that I was “crazy”.  But when we got to the doctor, he assured my mom I was a normal toddler and that studies show children with imaginary friends tend to be very smart, creative and have above average intelligence.  He told her not to make a big deal about it and eventually I would let it go.  She reported back to my family and they let me be. Sure enough, one day I was in my room playing when a shelf broke in the closet and I told my mom that Adrack got hurt and went home.  I don’t think I saw him again after that and eventually I had a little brother to occupy my time.  My folks were new to parenting and they wanted me to be healthy and happy, but I believe this is where my personal fear of being “deemed crazy” started.  I shut down any information coming in that might get me “in trouble”. 

It was a big AH HA moment for me.  I do have a very creative mind, but I have struggled with owning that too.  Creativity and intuition come from the same flow inside of us.  I’ve been contemplating this cognizance since our call.  Today as I write this, several days now since the conversation I am still feeling it settle in.  Previously when I have attempted to connect or access my intuition, I would condemn myself and feel frustration when it was not happening like I thought it “should”.  I would doubt myself and declare it was out of my reach.  These are not the kind of vibes our higher self and guides really jive with.  I am feeling like the fear is dissolving.  The fact that I would consider publishing this information is proof of that progress.  One of the biggest changes I have felt since chatting with Amby is that I’m seeing more shades of gray in my life.  I better understand now why I was struggling and where the fear originated. 

Once you are aware of something you can take steps to heal it.  You can make peace with it, absorb what it was meant to teach you, re-frame it if needed and move on.  Growth is the purpose after all, right?

Amby and I would love if you share your experiences with trying these tips, if they were helpful or gave you the confidence to try something like this, please let us know in the comments below.

xo-Tammi Lipp

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